RELEASE: Obama, Pelosi Campaign for Collin Peterson in Minneapolis Today. But, Will Peterson Show Up?


June 26, 2014 – Alexandria, MN… President Barack Obama and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are hosting a fundraiser this evening in Minneapolis on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Minnesota Democratic Congressional Delegation, including Congressman Collin Peterson.  While we are confident that the congressman is going to gladly accept his share of the proceeds, we wonder if he is also going to accept the baggage that comes with campaigning alongside an extremely unpopular president and minority leader?

The Peterson campaign and his official office have not issued any statements or media avails concerning tonight’s Obama hosted event.  So, inquiring minds want to know – is Congressman Peterson going to campaign with the president and Nancy Pelosi and accept the funds raised from their event? And if so, will he be willing to answer questions on the rising costs of healthcare associated with Obamacare, where he stands on the president’s continued delay of the Keystone XL Pipeline (and Nancy Pelosi’s opposition), and whether he feels Washington is failing Americans and Minnesotans with policies and spending practices that have led to one of the worst economic quarters in recent memory?

The Westrom campaign is calling on Collin Peterson to speak up and let voters know in Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District if he will be attending tonight’s high dollar fundraiser with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi:

Westrom spokesman, Liz Gorham, issued the followed statement, “We’d like to know if Peterson agrees with our neighboring Congressman, Rick Nolan, that ‘rightly or wrongly these contests cost a lot of money.’  And “’this will be very helpful to our campaign, and I appreciate what the president doing…’”

Westrom is a top recruit in the race to replace Collin Peterson, and was named one of the first  “Young Guns” in the 2014 election cycle by national Republicans.  Westrom was dubbed “Collin Peterson’s worst nightmare” by the, and Politico said “Peterson is expected to face a tough race in Minnesota’s 7th District.”

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