Torrey has been a trusted State Senator for almost a decade.  With the current state of affairs in DC and across our beloved country, bold and steady leadership has never been more relevant. 



Torrey Westrom is a lifelong, proven conservative with a record of creating rural jobs while ensuring government operates within its means.

First elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives at the age of 23, Westrom has fought and defended conservative principles in the state legislature for the last 18 years. Today, Westrom is a state senator representing a large portion of the counties that makeup the 7th U.S. Congressional District.

Since his first election in 1996, Torrey Westrom has never lost a campaign.

Westrom entered politics to make a difference. During his time at the statehouse, he has diligently fought for smaller government, rural job opportunities and conservative, common sense solutions. He has served as vice-chair of both the Agriculture Policy and Transportation Policy committees in the legislature. Westrom served as the Energy Committee Chair from 2003-2006 and most recently chaired the House Civil Law Committee in 2011-2012.

Westrom grew up in Willmar and Elbow Lake, and at the age of fourteen lost his vision in a farm-related accident. As a result of the accident and accompanying loss of sight, Westrom did not give up on his High School athletic career; rather, he persevered by moving from the basketball team to becoming an accomplished wrestler. In 2012, he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and received the Medal of Courage Award. Westrom continues to serve as a passionate advocate of independent living and employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

Torrey and his wife Anna own and operate a family business, and reside in Elbow Lake with their three children. An attorney, Westrom received his law degree from William Mitchell Law School in St. Paul. The Westroms are members of Grace Evangelical Free Church.



At the age of 14, Torrey lost his vision in a farm-related accident. Instead of giving up on his athletic career, Torrey transitioned from the basketball team to joining the wrestling squad.


When faced with adversity, Torrey doesn’t give up and has a “can do” attitude. He brings this same courage to fight on our behalf in St. Paul …

  • 2012 inductee to the Wrestling Hall of Fame and awarded the Medal of Courage

  • Appointed by the president in 2002 to serve on the Ticket toWork Task Force which advises on improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities

  • Graduate of William Mitchell Law School and practicing attorney

  • Owner of a small business

  • Husband to wife, Anna, father to daughters Madelyn and Whitney dubbed the “Minnesota twins” and son, Carter

  • State Senator, District 12


Raised on a dairy farm near Elbow Lake, Torrey shares our Minnesota values of hard work and common sense.


When faced with adversity and challenges – Torrey has a ‘can do’ attitude and finds ways to get things done.


Put an end to the big spending, business as usual in St. Paul, limit the size and reach of government, improve the private sector, and protect our children’s future from the impersonal hand of an oversized government.

As a member of the state legislature, Torrey is proud to consistently vote for a balanced budget, and continues to support getting a Balanced Budget Amendment added to the U.S. Constitution to reign in out of control spending.


Senator Westrom has a strong record of fighting to protect the rights of every law-abiding gun owner and ensure that Minnesota’s proud hunting and sporting traditions are preserved for the next generation to enjoy.In 2016 Senator Westrom was just one of seven Minnesota state senators who received the 2016 Friend of the Second Amendment award by the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and Political Action Committee.



Immediately approve the building of the Keystone Pipeline in order to move the U.S. closer toward energy independence, create local jobs, lower energy and gas costs, while ensuring an adequate supply of prolate to keep prices lower.


Eliminate the “unaffordable care act” that is hurting seniors, families, farmers, and businesses. Replace it with patient-driven, free market solutions that puts decision making back in the hands of patients and doctors.


As a member of the state legislature, Torrey is proud to consistently vote for a balanced budget, and will fight in favor of bringing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


End the career politicians’ reckless, runaway spending, and repeated raising of the debt ceiling that is saddling our children with mountains of debt.


Torrey Westrom grew up working on his family dairy farm and has been a life-long advocate for agriculture, like fighting on behalf of policies such as the renewable energy or Fuel Standard.


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