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Torrey has been a trusted State Senator for almost a decade. With the current state of affairs in DC and across our beloved country, bold and steady leadership has never been more relevant. 




When faced with adversity, Torrey doesn’t give up, and has a ‘can-do’ attitude.  He brings this same courage to fight on our behalf in St. Paul.  Raised on a dairy farm, Torrey shares our Minnesota values of hard work, common sense, and a dose of ‘farm logic’ to solve problems.



Torrey Westrom is a lifelong, proven conservative with a record of creating rural jobs, while ensuring government operates within its means.  Westrom has fought and defended conservative principles in the state legislature. Today, Westrom is a state senator representing a large portion of the counties that make up the 7thCongressional District.

Westrom lost his vision at age 14 in a farm related accident.  Westrom did not give up on his High School athletic career, rather he persevered by moving from the basketball team to becoming an accomplished wrestler.  In 2012 he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and received the Medal of Courage Award.

Westrom continues to serve as a passionate advocate of independent living and employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

Westrom, worked his way through law school and received his law degree from William Mitchell Law School in St. Paul. 

Torrey and his wife Anna, own and operate a family business, reside in Alexandria, MN, with their three children.  The Westrom’s attend New Life Church in Alexandria.



The past two years in Minnesota we have witnessed the heavy-handed, unconstitutional overreach of DFL Governor Tim Walz—now more than ever is the time to limit the size and reach of government!  With a record surplus, it is time for a major tax cut for all Minnesotans.  We MUST give hardworking taxpayers their money back permanently through a tax cut, including exempting Social Security income for our Seniors, like so many other states already do.

Let us improve the job creation environment that small and large business creators need to expand in rural Minnesota by more favorable tax and regulation policies.  Torrey will keep fighting for more rural broadband until the job is finished, so that rural Minnesota can benefit from the internet economy by highspeed internet in your home or business!



Torrey grew up working on his family dairy farm.  He brings farm logic and rural common sense to advocate on behalf of agriculture in Minnesota. He will fight to expand our value-added agriculture market opportunities. 


Senator Westrom has been the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee since 2017.

In 2022 he chief authored the Senate Agriculture and Rural Broadband bill, that targeted $210 million dollars to be dedicated to the rural broadband program, the largest investment in State history, to finish providing the last 8% of residents with good internet service.  This is a huge win for rural Minnesota! 



Senator Westrom has a strong record of fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of every gun owner.  We must ensure that Minnesota’s proud sporting and hunting traditions are preserved for the next generation to enjoy.  Again this year, Senator Westrom has earned the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus endorsement.



We must pass resolutions in the Minnesota Legislature to ‘memorialize’ Congress and the President to immediately re-start the construction on the Keystone Pipeline and open up more drilling permits in the US, to get America back on track to energy independence.  Dedicate the sales tax on auto parts to ongoing highway funding – rather than another 20 cent gas tax hike that the DFL proposed over and over.


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