Westrom Calls for End to Government Delays, Overregulation at FarmFest Forum

7th District Candidate Criticizes Obama Administration for Blocking Keystone Pipeline

(ALEXANDRIA, Minn.) – Yesterday, Torrey Westrom, the Republican congressional nominee for Minnesota’s 7th District, called for the Obama Administration to stop obstructing development on the Keystone XL Pipeline and to end government overregulation at the 2014 FarmFest congressional candidate forum.

“The Keystone pipeline needs to be built, I am here to tell you, and it should have been built last year, not delayed another several months as we are seeing under this current Administration,” Westrom said. Without the pipeline, oil producers are using an increasing number of railcars to transport their supply, which is squeezing out farmers and propane suppliers.

“[Grain] elevators from the south end of the 7th District to the north tell me they are still going to have last year’s crop when this year’s crop comes in, and they can’t get enough extra cars to ship it out,” Westrom continued. “That’s unacceptable. We need to build energy and infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline. That’s something I will advocate for.”

The panel also asked the 7th District candidate what can be done to reduce government regulatory delays. “Indecision is very paralyzing for industry and for farmers,” Westrom said about the overregulation that effects Minnesota’s farmers. “Some sort of cap on decisions, so people can count on a yes or a no – or at least know what needs to be changed in a timely period – is something we should aim for.” Westrom emphasized that we should “not have unelected bureaucrats continue to delay processes.”

Westrom stressed the need to support agriculture by promoting common-sense policies on issues like antibiotic use, and emphasized the importance of a strong farm policy. “We need somebody in Washington who will tell the great story of American farmers,” said Westrom. “That’s the message we need to continue heralding…. to people who don’t realize how efficient our farmers are, what a good job our farmers do, and how important that is and agricultural processing is to our rural communities – and to all our communities.”

Throughout the forum, panelists expressed concern about government overreach, asking other candidates about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule on navigable waters and delay on the Renewable Fuel Standard.